Lectio is a mobile application built to encourage independent reading for students with language related learning disabilities.

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Avoid bulky technology that draws attention to a disability. Now you don't have to worry about putting a target on your child.

Easy to Use

Launch the app, take a picture of the text and press the highlighted word(s). Limited processing time, no internet required, So fast, so easy! A great spot reader for individuals with language-related learning disabilities.


A one-time purchase of $4.99 per user. No expensive equipment to purchase or maintain, use your iPhone, iPod or iPad! Lectio is cheaper than breakfast at Starbucks!

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We don't want to brag.... but you can!

Lectio is amazing because there is almost no processing time. No internet required. It will read something quickly. This is seriously the best spot reader available. Five dollars is a no brainer for this tool! -- Amy T, Indianapolis


Packed Full of Powerful Features

Lectio is a fast spot reader that requires no internet access. Simply launch the app, take a picture of the text and touch the highlighted words. Your phone quickly reads the words aloud. Minimal processing time, expansive database that can adapt to a range of fonts and text styles. Lectio also includes a dictionary feature. Long press on a word to get the definition!