Portrait or Landscape?

As a startup, I wear many hats. I am the co-founder, the CEO, the marketing person, and the finance person. If you email or call Lectio, you get me. If you stop by the Lectio booth at a conference, I will be there.  If you schedule a demo or a meeting for your teachers or administrators to see a demo, it’s me that shows up. And, if you have a technical problem and seek technical support, it is me that helps.

Most often when someone contacts me with a technical problem, it is one that is easily solved. My first question is always, “Are you taking pictures in portrait or landscape mode?”

Sometimes people know right away what I am asking, but sometimes they don’t. Landscape mode is when your device’s camera button is on either the right or left side. Portrait mode is when your phone’s camera button is on the bottom of the device.Document6It’s important to remember that Lectio only works in portrait mode. If you take a picture in landscape mode, Lectio will not work—at all.

2016-04-18 14.14.29 2016-04-18 14.14.48I know the natural tendency is sometimes to flip the camera around to take the picture in landscape, but our processor simply cannot read text with the camera in landscape. Usually, once someone flips their phone around and uses portrait mode, Lectio works great.

You may also notice sometimes, if you are using the app a lot, that if you twist or turn the phone and then launch the camera, it is already in landscape mode. This is because the gyroscope within the i-device has temporarily become confused. Simply close the app and relaunch it while keeping your phone in portrait mode.

Finally, the second most common cause of the app not working is the user has turned the volume on their device to mute. Check to make sure sound is on!

Our latest update includes the addition of a “Need Help?” button which will take the user to our “How to Use Lectio” video on YouTube. This and the other videos on our site may be helpful. Most importantly, if you have any user issue—or if you know someone who does—please reach out to me and let’s solve the issue! I am committed to everyone having the best possible user experience with Lectio.

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